Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 24, 2012

Alright so to explain these pictures I need to tell a story.... Once upon a p-day Elder King and Elder Howe thought it would be a GRAND idea to buy some Christmas things for members in the ward so they planned and saved and went skipping to the supermarket full of the Christmas spirit. Upon arriving they found some Chocolate Cakes!! Boxes of chocolates and their favorite APPLE CIDER!!! Oh what joy to bring to the members!!! They returned home a wrapped their presents and began with plans to deliver them. They delivered the first one with joy and cheer the brother was so happy grinning from ear to ear, they next stop was their ward mission leader. As they arrived and gave the present to him, he declared "why this contains alcohol... 5 whole Percent!!!"

they quickly ran back hoping not to find the first member "drunk" with delight, luckily he was not, they got their sparking cider and returned it to the store... bought more chocolate cakes with bom sabor.


Haha they don’t sell cider here without alcohol...


Any who so we took some pictures and took them back.


They didn’t even ask for our ID... haha


We have not really had a lot of time in our area to work. this week we did 2 divisions I was in the other areas and this whole planning and organizing for the xmas par-tay is been another time load that we are excited to have happen tonight! Then we can relax and maybe get a full night’s sleep.... maybe that would be an awesome present... sleep


We have been teaching a boy named Bryan... his parents were inactive for a while (they just moved into our ward) and are coming back their 10 year old son has not been baptized yet so we will have his baptism on Saturday... I have been wondering a lot of this month we did not get the goal of 10 baptisms because of our lack of faith or if we were/ are going through a trail... and this baptism I feel was a response to my many prayers for direction and insight on the matter, I feel that it was a tender mercy from the lord telling us that his will is always made to come forth, and that as long as we are truly magnifying our callings and keeping our covenants all will be from our improvement and development. I found an awesome talk from President Eyring (he is a BOSS) that gave me strength in this time here is the link for anyone who is feeling their calling or responsibilities or life load is too great for their abilities


I hope during this time of Christmas we can all take a min to stop and reflect. Take a moment alone to just meditate on your life. Think of your life as a gift. Christ was born so that our lives could be fuller. More full of love, of peace, and of strength. Are you currently feeling those gifts of his life in yours? If not, why not?

Is your life being lived in a way that if at this time you were to stand before him you would be able to say "Lord I lived in such a way that YOUR SACRIFICE was not wasted on my life.”?

How would you feel to give him a report of your life as a gift?


I love this Christmas season, I love it. There is no other time like it. ENJOY IT.


Sending you my Christmas love and cheer. Merry Christmas!


Love Elder Howe


Not our dog


  1. Not our dog. That is awesome! Love, the Gallachers

  2. Great name for a Dog! Love the story, I just wonder how it was your "favorite cider" if you never drank it! Ha!