Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Well this is strange... this will be my last e-mail as a missionary. NEXT MONDAY I'LL GO GET MY PARENTS AT THE AIRPORT IN TERESINA!!! I’m so excited.

We had a good weekend,  actually it was super busy, like we don’t have time to do all that we want to... or even need to, I kind of wish that we had had 12 weeks here instead of 6. But you have to work with what you got. So we had some baptisms this week, we completed the family of the branch president (see photo) and also the family of the 1st consular in the branch presidency, it was awesome. 

This week now we are going to need some mericales well really just one, we are going to have to get a family married this week so that this Saturday we can baptize 2 families! That would be awesome to end the mission on a 2 family baptism. So pray that we can get it worked out! 

Well not too much else I’ll see you all soon! Have a good, awesome week and I’ll do the same.

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