Tuesday, November 26, 2013

October 14, 2013

Well the last week passed by so quickly, and we saw some more miracles. In a very simple way we found a loophole in the judicial system so instead of having to wait 30 days to marry Cledson and Socorro we could do it in 1 day. Me and elder cooper were super excited because that meant that we would be able to marry them and baptize them that last Saturday. The only down side was that when we presented the idea to them they told us that they wanted a celebration and everything, so it was kind of a sad moment for us but I know that they will continue and maybe I didn’t get to stay for her baptism I am grateful that I got to play a part in the beginning of their eternal family. 
Ze and Lucelia were interviewed and everything was ready for their baptism on Saturday, but near the end of the week we and Ze realized that he was not quite ready for baptism, and Luceila did not want to be baptized alone. They are an awesome family who just needs a bit more time for their baptism, sometimes I wish me and elder cooper had 12 weeks instead of 6… that would have been perfect.
Diana, was not sure about her baptism on Saturday, but after a follow up interview from elder Lied she took courage and was baptized! Elder Cooper and I were so happy! It was a truly great way to spend our last Saturday! Her mother even came to support her in her decision. It was great.
One of the best parts was that our last Saturday the branch had a BBQ to celebrate the service Elder Cooper and I gave. It was the first activity that the branch was in charge of. And it went so well! I was so happy to see all the people with whom we had served together having a fun time and truly just being happy.  One of my favorite memories is that Zezito and Nete who we helped reactivate were holding hands as we took pictures with them, this is the same Woman who told us that just 6 weeks ago she was ready to pack her bags and move out. It is so wonderful to see the changes that can occur as we live the gospel and allow it to make changes in our lives.
Well I am super excited for the arrival of Mom Dad and Erica as we will go around to some of my old areas and visit. Love you all!!    

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