Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

1) Our Ghetto shower head... hey we got warm water... just we get shocked sometimes... haha
2) CHRISTMAS!!! THANK YOU FAMILY!!! We also love the Christmas tree.
3) Everyone is curious about the bus we travel in so here is a picture.
4) Our super organized area book. It’s by neighborhoods!!!
5) Elder King, Elder Cooper, and me. All from the same MTC group at the zone leader meeting this past week.

Hello all and happy December or Dezembro if you want to speak Portuguese.
It is still hot here... but the fact that São Luis is an island means that there is always wind and often my tie is blown over my shoulder. So I like it here.

This week we traveled to Teresina to have a new monthly meeting for zone leaders, so the last week of the month I will be traveling!! 

Elder King and I spent the last week organizing some things... like the area book and also setting goals for this month so that we can reach the goal of 10 baptisms that president set for zone leaders this month.... we are going to have to find a lot of people. But the cool part is that when the lord commands he always provides a way... it may not be easy but it is possible. I think of Nephi who was commanded to go get the plates... it only happened BECASUE OF HIS FAITH! The plates did not just fall into his hands he worked. he tried not just once, not just twice but three times after the first time all his brothers were ready to go back empty handed... but he told them that he would not return... not until HIS MISSION WAS ACCOMPLISED. It’s a pretty cool story I invite all to read it, 1Nephi 3-4. 

We also in Teresina had the chance to stop by Bom Preço... which is owned by Wal-Mart... YEAH IT WAS GREAT. I am now to proud owner of 12 boxes of mac and cheese, some nutella and JET PUFF MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!!!! It’s pretty awesome

A few fun facts:
- Irene your Northface backpack is holding up well. It is still intact and still being used
- My new area is really awesome, we just got to get to work and find people
- Elder King is AWESOME!!! He was at BYU the same time I was and he also lived in Heritage, we sometimes talk about good old BYU
- We have 22 missionaries in our zone so it’s a bit more than the 4 in Araguaina.

I hope you all have an awesome week and hope you are all feeling to spirit of Christmas!!! 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

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