Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 19, 2012

Alright this week we had another baptism in the branch a mother and her 2 kids, her son had been taught in another city and was living all the commandments and everything when the elders found him. So basically his family just followed it was a really good service. 

This week we got on the bus to go to lunch all four of us missionaries... so we are standing and this old man in a black cow boy hat leans over and says in a loud whisper "they are just Mormon’s don’t worry" haha he was just trying to comfort the lady at his side but it was oh so funny to me. As we continued on our journey many more people got on the bus among a few were 2 old men also wearing black cow boy hats. Strange... none of them said anything to one another... so I have 2 theories. 1) There is a new law in Araguaina; on your 65th b-day you must receive a black cow boy hat. Or 2) there is a secret society of old men here in Araguaina... I will have to investigate more. Haha

This week we also were able to teach a new family Aguinaldo and his wife Christina. It was such an awesome experience. We were talking to them and after getting to know them Agnaldo said, "that day in the street you two said something interesting to me you spoke about eternal families. And you know I would really like to eternalize my family. Man the lesson that followed was guided by the spirit and what a joy it is to be an instrument in the hand of the lord, he accepted to be baptized.

So I got to thinking about this a little bit and honestly if anyone has this desire an ETERNAL FAMILY, there is only one place on the face of the earth where it is possible, you will not hear this taught in another place let alone taught how to make this dream a reality. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the ONLY place. Please don’t construct a family here on the earth just to have it "until death do you part" men only have power to bind on earth. BUT GOD can bind on earth AND in heaven. Don’t be so busy with thing that in the next life seem so small. PLAN TODAY FOR YOUR ETERNAL HAPPINESS!!!! Do whatever maybe necessary do whatever possible so that in the next life you don’t utter the words... "If only..." 

I invite all to read the talk from this conference by President Ucthdorf (http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2012/10/of-regrets-and-resolutions?lang=eng ) and think what you need to do TODAY to secure your ETERNAL happiness. 

I know if we do not, as President Ucthdof states on day we will regret it. I know that Eternal happiness is only found on one path that path is Jesus Christ he is the LIGHT the LIFE and the WAY, choose him and LIVE in eternal happiness, I plead. 

I love you all and thank you for the support!

I know that.

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