Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12, 2012

This week was a good week we had the baptism of Laodicea, she has a 2 year old son, she is the sister of 2 members, and at one point we had cut her. we went back one day and she had changed... I don’t know what it was she said it was because she missed the missionaries... so we told her about how serious baptism is and that she needed to keep all the challenges we left with her.... and she did 2 weeks later she was baptized.

Sunday in church the 2nd counselor in the presidency said the closing prayer in sacrament... at the end he only said "Amen"... no one moved I peaked and saw him looking at everyone with their heads bowed and eyes closed... he paused for a min, then quickly bowed his and closed his eyes and said "in the name...." with those magic words every one said "amen" in agreement. Haha

We had a cool experience at a less actives house we ate lunch and we just talking with her about her life in the church what calling she used to have and all that stuff we began talking about her baptism... she got teary eyed remembering the sweat feelings of forgiveness that special day... we then invited her to give a prayer at church the next day. She quickly accepted and the next day she was there with her son. I hope we can continue to help her return to full activity in the church.

This week I was listening to pres monsons talk from p-hood sesh I would invite all to listen to that talk again and think about how you can improve. I know that doing this will give all more strength and courage to complete your responsibility as a member of the church in helping your brothers and sisters receive more joy in their lives.

I know Jesus is our savior and that this is his church restored here in these last days... do you want joy? Do you want lasting peace and happiness? Then learn, and follow the teachings of this church because they are the teaching of Christ.

Love you all!!! 

Picture descriptions in backwards order:
11) Sky after rain
10) A church.... it says ITP which stands for Igreja (church) Templo (temple) Profetas (profits)
8+7) our district... and André a soon to be missionary.
6) Baptism of L√£odiceia.
5) The church was locked so my comp had to brake in... Haha
4 Me with Brother Trazibulo a less active.... who has a cool hat
3) A bread store with Marlene’s name!
2) I found a leaf... I can’t remember the of the leaf from littlefoot.
1) Marlene’s bread store!

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