Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I don't know what week it is, I'll have to come up with a new method for time keeping


This week was the first time in the field where time legit FLEW! I don’t know how it’s Monday again! And now I’m excited because that means I’m finally starting to lose myself in this work!!! YAY!


Awkward pose

 This is for everyone in Utah becasue I think thats the only frozen  yogurt in all of Teresina unlike Utah where there are 100 million

Beast with my 39 points...

Elder Logan, Elder Peirson and Elder Ferreria

Awesome salon style doors
We dedicated ourselves this week to not stopping, just teaching EVERYONE; meeting contacts, knocking doors, everything possible to preach the gospel. Story time Tuesday was divisions I was with Elder Logan in my area and our lunch had fallen through, (Elder Logan is the zone leader and will be leaving next week) normally when lunches fall through  we just make food at home, but Elder Logan is a boss so he said Elder Howe I’m about to show you Brazilian hospitality... we walked up to a nice looking house and clap (that’s how you knock) a lady came to the front, we explained our situation, she agreed to make us lunch... we returned 30 minutes later to rice, beans and meat (all of which tasted a bit better than normal). It was so awesome! I have got to do that some other time; we also found a new family to teach.

Today we went bowling! It was quite fun, I bowled a 39... hahah; but the bowling alley smelled better than the ones in America, there wasn’t any smoke! It was crazy! The bathrooms had those swinging doors....which made it even COOLER!!!!!! It was like a bowling western salon adventure all in one day!!!!! Sometimes the mission can be too much to handle!

My testimony is this, God is perfect. With God there is no grey area, it is black or white and for this I’m grateful, because you see if it comes from God it will make you feel good and it will teach good things, if it’s not from God you will feel bad or it will teach wrong things, it’s that simple. This is one reason I know for a FACT the Book of Mormon is true, it preaches of Christ, a study of it uplifts me and my soul. IT IS THE WORD OF GOD!!!! For this fact I also know this church is the Kingdom of God restored to the earth, because no other church has the Book of Mormon. Don’t take my word for it just experiment, read it, think about it, and then pray. God will answer you with feelings by the spirit, if you’ve already done this do it again to strengthen your testimony.  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Love Elder Howe

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