Monday, December 5, 2011

Week Four 11/30/11

HELLO FAMILY!!! 24 min let’s see what I can do!

First I have not sent you guys letters in the mail because it takes like 3 or more some parents just got letter that guys sent the first week 5 weeks ago so I don’t see really a point to send them maybe Teresina will be quicker.. If you would like me to write in the snail mail I can do that just let me know.... got your letters from last Sunday yesterday.

Um so a little about the past week. Thanksgiving was nice, they did give us a thanksgiving meal with mashed potatoes it was so good!!! And they had the cafeteria all decorated and done up with thanksgiving stuff (not nearly as well done as at home) but then it was really funny we came back for dinner that night and all the thanksgiving stuff was down and replaced by Christmas... they had a really fast turnover, faster than at home, THNKASGIVING WASNT EVEN OVER!!! hahaha then we had this awesome lighting thing, where all the palm trees in the center court yard were lit we sang Christmas songs and they even gave us ICECREAM!! Man it was soo good! Hahah so it’s officially Christmas, I don’t think I’ll be able to get a camera until Teresina, so no Christmas camera for me (thank you for the suggestion mom) but I am thinking of getting myself a nice Portuguese Book of Mormon from the distribution center the week of Christmas so I’m excited for that.

Glad the closet finally got organized and sorted Irene and Erica, and glad you got your nice phones... Dad looks like you might want in too?
Happy to hear BYD went well even with the "Water" problems.
Marlene/dad may the lord guide you in your new calling!

So you guys have been asking question about my companion so I’ll answer those to the best of my ability. Yes I get to keep him as my companion the whole time here at the CTM and we have been really growing together. He is so energetic and willing to do the lords work it makes my life super easy. The only problem I think we have been having is being too excited and during the lessons that comes out as being scary. It has been a problem we are trying to fix. Last night I was praying and all of a sudden Alma 38:12 popped into my head... It says Use boldness but not overbarence; see that ye bridle your passions." I was like ELDER COOPER!!! ELDER COOPER!!! Look here is our answer; we need to turn our energy in to boldness not overbarence! I LOVE REVELATION!!! I have learned that revelation can and should be an everyday experience. The lord truly wants you to be happy and if you will just spend some time asking and listening to him he will make it known to you what you are wondering. I wish I could share all my experiences but there is too many and not nearly enough time to do so.

Yesterday we were asked to pick our favorite scripture from the Book of Mormon, and I flipped right to Alma 41:10 (thank you mom) and the truth of that scripture is so amazing it just BLOWS my mind. You truly can’t be happy doing wicked things. they might make you experience excitement or some other fake form of happiness but after a certain amount of time it leaves and you truly are not happy any more, If only all people knew this scriptures and would seek out happiness by turning to and learning the Plan of happiness That's where my happiness comes from, knowing that I will be with my family forever and that this life is not all I have to look forward to.

The language is starting to come to me... not that I'm nearly good AT IT YET, BUT YESTERDAY WE TAUGHT A FULL lesson in Portuguese and we didn’t do too bad, I can also read and understand (for the most part) Preach my gospel. The book of Mormon is harder to understand, especially now that I and elder cooper are in to the Isaiah Chapters of 2nd NE.
I hope you all have a wonderful week, my prayers go out to you. And I am so grateful for the prayers that you guys offer in my behalf please keep praying I know in a very really since the lord is listening and answering.

Elder Howe

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