Friday, April 13, 2012

April 9th-Easter Shout Out


Mine was different.... no chocolate just JELLY BEANS AND SKITTLES!!!!!! Oh and I ATE LUNCH WITH A RABBIT!!! Yeah, my Easter rocked. haha

Just missing the huge amounts of pollen and mild weather in DC right now.... I don’t have much time this week but I hope you all had a good Easter.

Sorry if my letters are not getting to you quickly, our post office was robbed so it shut down for a few days... weeks… I don’t know when it’ll open back up, I also don’t know why they closed it, not sure how a robbery effects the fact that you can’t be open. haha oh the cultural change; still getting use it! LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!!!

Cookies and YES we got MILK

Glasses at a members house

The RABBIT we celebrated Easter with, it was so nice to dine with him

Mom's easter egg decoration; I made me and my comp using post it notes it was easier then eggs... ahahah I have the red tie and the decorations in our house!!!

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