Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

WHAT A WEEK!! So 1st off I’m kind of mad because I am not able to up load any photos... ARGGGG I also have a bunch of videos. One day I’ll get them uploaded.

This week me and Elder Cooper did work. We got a bunch of people marked for some dates and our plan is to baptize them all before we leave. We have been running from appointment to appointment. It’s been quite crazy.

During the week we met a preacher from a different church here in Caxias and we made a friendship with him. He then told us about an English class he was teaching in a "city" like an hour away from here that would be happening on Saturday. He told us it would be from 6:30am until 9pm... We told him we would not be able to help because of the HUGE time commitment. but then Friday night he showed up to our house telling us the English teacher had ditched him and was not going to go he asked us if we could go and said that he would be able to get us home by 6pm. we accepted 1st because he is a preacher and will really help the church here when he is baptized, and 2nd ITS A CITY THAT NO ELDER HAS EVER GONE TO! Who wouldn’t want to go!? So we went ha-ha and it was awesome. At the end of one of the English classes we gave autographs... it was so cool. One cool thing was lunch, we ate in the house of this family that we had never met... they had a well in the back yard and explained that running water had arrived like a few months ago... CRAZY!! Ha-ha I LOVE BRAZIL!!!

Then Saturday night we had a ward activity... and since our house in the only church location in the city it was basically a BBQ in OUR HOUSE!!! hahahah. Isn’t that crazy a ward BBQ at the elders house... I never would have imagined. One more reason I love Brazil. We are also planning on having a ward dance... IN OUR HOUSE!!! hahahha. 

We talked to the president this week about Códo, (a city like 60 miles from here that has a member family living there) he told us he went and visited them this week in preparation to open the city and they are preparing their friends and family to be baptized... he said next week it’s for us to go there they are just figuring out the details of renting a house and all that good stuff. Me and elder cooper are SUPER PUMPED!!! 

Well I miss you all and hope the week goes well....

Only 4 more weeks!!! SO CRAZY!!!

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