Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 26, 2013

Well well well, it seems that another week has passed by.  It’s just so crazy to think that I am already at the end of my mission... like what happened to all those 2 years!!?? Any who this week:

We went to Araguaia to do a division we left Monday night and got back wed morning. It was good because I got to see some members from there and say some good-byes.  I took some pictures of a house a member is building and the giant hole with a chicken in the bottom hahaha. Then that night we bought a HUGE PIZZA!!! Like literally HUGE. But we 6 elders destroyed it in like 10 min. hahah.

We worked in our area only 3 days this week so there was not too much progress with our investigators. The best part was probably when we just knocked doors.... it was the first time in my mission that I like knocked doors. We just took a street and went at it... it was actually quite successful. We just asked people if we could bless their homes and the let us in... We gave a quick lesson and a prayer. We found a woman who went the church in 1992 and really liked it and her son speaks English. We will go back and visit them. We also found a man who visits lots of churches and was interested in the plan of salvation. Maybe I’ll have to knock more doors.

Saturday was crazy. we went to lunch and Lunch was AMAZING so amazing that I dint want to stop eating, the only problem is that after lunch we had to walk to get a van to go to another city to do an interview.  After that lunch my belly was so full that it was hard. We then left on a 40 min walk in the Brazilian sun at 1:15 in the afternoon.  Man I was sweating so much! I almost asked my comp to just roll me the rest of the way. hahah but we got there and we got the interview on time... the only problem was that the person to be interviewed didn’t show up... and we had to get back to our baptism which started at 7pm. so we waited till 4:30 for the interview and no show so we walked back to the van and got back to our city at 6:30 got a taxi and went to our house got the stuff for the baptism and ran to the church. In the end all went well and she was baptized!  But none the less we didn’t get to teach any one that day.
Sunday, President came into town and we had a meeting with the stake President and the bishops. It got me really excited because now the bishops will be on the same page as us and know what we are trying to accomplish. It was a really good meeting and a lot of what was talked about there we will pass tomorrow for the elders in our meeting with the zone. But I think the highlight was when president told me about the transfers saying that next week I would be transferred to OPEN A NEW AREA!!! So in my last 6 week I will be opening an area. That is all he said but tomorrow I have my interview with him so next week I’ll have more information... like a whole lot more! 

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!!! 

-Elder Howe

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